Training Course Catalog

Command Section Training


Incidents that are not managed well, do not go well. It is the actions of the Incident Commander and the rest of the Command Staff that creates the setting for effective incident management. The Command Section is where the overall objectives and strategies of the incident are determined. Decisions need to be made and organization is key to success. This training will cover the essential elements of the:

  • Incident Commander
    Hint: With a trained and competent staff, the role of the Incident Commander is the easiest position in ICS.

And address in less detail the roles of the Command Staff:

  • Safety
    Public Information
    (Each Command Staff position has separate training modules if desired.)

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the role/expectation of the Incident Commander
  • Identify and distinguishes the functions of the Command Staff and General Staff
  • Recognizes the life cycle of an incident
  • Demonstrates the decision making aspects of an emergency response
  • Demonstrate competency in expected job functions through participation in an exercise

Topics Covered

  • Will vary with each Section/position
  • Course Track(s)


  • Participants

    Up to 30

  • Length

    4-8 hours

  • Refresher Requirement

    None, but recommended

  • Prerequisites

    Completion of ICS 100, 200 and 700, HICS FUNdamentals or equivalents.