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Plan, Prepare, Perform


As a medium-sized emergency management consulting firm, GVC provides the infrastructure to develop intuitive, usable products while remaining flexible to adjust to needs of individual clients and projects, all while keeping overhead costs to a minimum.  GVC’s approach to this and all planning projects is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Respect Stakeholder Time. As consultants, our team has collectively worked with hundreds of public and private sector organizations, public and environmental health, and hospital emergency managers and understands that most often for emergency managers, preparedness is a second or third “duty as assigned.”  As a result, we are especially conscientious of stakeholder’s time and strive to simplify processes and burdens.  GVC also recognizes successful projects require clear expectations and regular interaction with the client.
  • Ensure Compliance Needs Are Met but Doesn’t Drive the Process. At GVC, we realize that standards, regulations, and compliance issues often seem to drive organizations. Those standards have their place and purpose but should not be the “tail that wags the dog.” Our approach is to develop robust plans and processes that are useful, appropriate AND meet the applicable standards.
  • Self-Sufficiency is the Key to Sustainability. Emergency preparedness is often plagued by challenges, and GVC believes that the biggest challenge to the Emergency Manager is sustainability.  GVC designs processes and plans to maximize application to everyday activities and promote ongoing sustainability of the activities.
  • The GVC Expert Project Team is National and Local. One of the keys to GVC’s success is the ability to bring together a dynamic team from a pool of experts and colleagues to meet our clients’ specific needs.  We assemble a multi-disciplinary team of emergency management experts to guide clients and their stakeholders through the scope of work.

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