Global Vision Consortium

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What We Do

Welcome to Global Vision Consortium (GVC)!

We are a team of experienced practitioners that provide a full range of emergency management consulting services to a wide variety of public and private organizations across the nation, and as our name indicates- globally.

Our mission is to provide individual, customized services that are client- and outcome-focused, effective, efficient, user-friendly, and of the highest quality.  We ensure that the project meets or exceeds applicable standards and regulatory requirements and are focused on excellence in project development and execution.

GVC is not a “high-volume” consulting group, when you work with us, you have our team’s experts, not a team of lesser experienced staff, the “B” team.  Our clients work with the “GVC A team” every time!

GVC partners are not only experts with experience in emergency management, but have led the development of important systems, training programs and tools.   Most notably, the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) and HazMat for Healthcare™ used by healthcare systems across the nation.

We are a “can do” company and we pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations and delivering quality products and outcomes.  GVC is very experienced in understanding and mastering the organizational politics, level of resources available, and challenges that many times impede progress toward true preparedness to meet any emergency to survive and thrive.

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