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Plan, Prepare, Perform

By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.—attributed to Benjamin Franklin

Emergency Management Planning and Guidance

GVC has written emergency management plans for many diverse clients and organizations, public and private, healthcare and public health, tribal and local, state, and federal agencies.  Our plans are well organized and meet all regulatory and grant requirements yet are very user friendly and incorporate quick start sheets, checklists, and action sheets to make the process of activating the plan easier and more effective.

At GVC we take a “less is more” approach by minimizing narrative, maximizing graphics, and taking a consistent approach to managing “all-hazards”, all the while considering our audience as having to manage an uncontrolled situation at 2 A.M., with a heartrate of 140 and limited resources.  It is very important to us that we develop a relationship with the client to fully understand the organization, needs, successes, and challenges so that the emergency plan is usable, technically accurate, and effective.  Thus, we take the time to get to know our clients and maintain those relationships over many years.

Plans that we have been developed, created, and updated include, but are not limited to:

  • “All-hazard” County Emergency Management Plans/Guides and Hazard-Specific and Function-Specific Annexes
  • Business Recovery Plans (BRP) and Continuity of Operations Plan for Healthcare Providers
  • Medical Shelter Concept of Operations and Standing Orders
  • Infectious Disease and Pandemic Response Plans
  • Emergency Operations Plans for Hospitals, Clinics, and Public Health
  • Department Emergency Operations Plans for Government Agencies
  • Hazard Vulnerability / Threat Assessments
  • Joint Commission 96-Hour Plan for Healthcare Organizations
  • Tribal Emergency Response Plans
  • Regional Healthcare Coalition Plans
  • Risk Management Plans (including CalARP) and Process Safety Management Plans
  • Add a quote at the bottom of the page: “The only thing harder to do than to plan is to explain to the public why you didn’t”.

Strategic Planning.  GVC believes that the planning process is as important as the plan.  Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning includes the whole organization and community.  Organization plans usually describe how an organization will function and should also identify how the organization will support the entire community.  This includes the development of strategies, and tactics for response and recovery; business continuity and restoration; media coordination and general information management; as well emergency public information management.  GVC consultants are skilled professionals who have years of experience in helping organizations successfully plan and implement their programs.  Often GVC helps clients to identify and establish relationships with local partners that they may not be aware and assist with integration into the community emergency networks.

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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