Global Vision Consortium

Plan, Prepare, Perform

Who We Are

GVC’s mission is to help organizations prepare for and respond to disasters and public health emergencies in a meaningful way.

We do this by working with organizations to improve how they prepare for and respond to disasters through training planning, exercise and program management.  We provide individual, customized services that are client- and outcome-focus and of the highest quality.  All projects we do are designed to provide the most user-friendly experience for the users and participants which we believe translates to a better adaption and response.

Global Vision Consortium, or GVC, are seasoned professionals in emergency management, healthcare, environmental health, hazardous materials, disaster preparedness, response, and recovery, and grant management.   Led by highly experienced emergency managers, healthcare leaders, and senior government professionals, GVC was founded in 2003 and has successfully provided quality service and outcomes to our clients throughout the years.  We provide unmatched, customized services for hospitals and healthcare systems, public and environmental health agencies, local, state, tribal and federal agencies, communities, and businesses.

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