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Hospitals and Healthcare Systems, Coalitions and Organizations

Emergencies can greatly impact the ability of hospitals and healthcare organizations, including health systems, clinics, long-term care facilities, and free-standing health providers, to provide services to their clients.  This not only impacts the community health and wellness, but also impacts the organization’s fiscal bottom line and community perception and trust in your organization.

Hospital and healthcare organization emergency preparedness is a priority for the community and government at all levels and is a key focus of regulatory and accrediting agencies.

The GVC team are highly trained and experienced in emergency management in hospitals and healthcare organizations.  We have lived through actual natural and manmade emergencies and managed successful response, recovery, and after-action efforts for the organizations.   We learn from others and have developed best practices, systems, programs, and tools (e.g., HICS and Hazmat for Healthcare™) used effectively throughout the nation.

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