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Environmental Health 

Environmental Health/Management encompasses the wide universe of ensuring the health and safety of communities following a disaster.  Safe water, debris management, hazardous waste cleanup, mold, food safety, air quality, shelter safety, housing safety, and vector control are only some of the aspects of Environmental Health that are increasingly called upon to manage.  Post-emergency recovery is labor and cost intensive and only part of challenge.  Having a place at the table in the Emergency Operations Center, coordinating with emergency management and public health, identifying funding sources, gathering and deploying resources in what is often a protracted effort taxes organizations and individuals.  GVC principals have been in the forefront of advancing the environmental health integration in emergency management.   From earthquakes to floods to dam failure to wildland fires GVC personnel have worked with local government at all levels, been ensconced in the State Operations Center and Joint Field Office co-located with FEMA for extended periods, while maximizing communication, coordination, and problem solving along the way.

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