Training Course Catalog

HICS Forms and Functions


HICS forms, NIMS forms, ICS forms, my forms?  What’s a person/organization to do?  This session will discuss and demonstrate many of the forms hospitals can use in the development of their Incident Action Plan and their tracking of materiel, personnel, victims, fatalities and other aspects of a hospital “extra-ordinary” event.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the different forms that may be used in the Hospital Command Center
  • Develop an Incident Action Plan
  • Demonstrate use of various tracking forms

Topics Covered

  • HICS review
  • Incident Action Planning
  • HICS Forms
  • Non-HICS Forms
  • Planning cycle (e.g., Planning “P”)
  • Scenario discussion
  • Tabletop exercise with group activity
  • Course Track(s)


  • Participants

    Up to 30

  • Length

    4 hours

  • Refresher Requirement


  • Prerequisites

    Knowledge of HICS