Training Course Catalog

Healthcare Continuity Planning Awareness (COOP, BCP)


Today’s complex health care environment requires that emergency planning go beyond the traditional approach to preparedness.  Clinical and Business Continuity planning identifies key clinical and business functions and the strategies required to recover them with minimal disruption to operations.  This program will present an overview of basic tenets of continuity for health care. 

Learning Objectives

  • Define clinical and business continuity
  • Understand the benefits of Clinical and Business Continuity planning
  • Compare and contrast clinical and business continuity with crisis management and disaster recovery
  • Describe the parts and general content of a continuity plan
  • List the tools and resources available to initiate clinical and business continuity program

Topics Covered

  • Terminology and basic tenets of business continuity planning
  • Fundamental differences between crisis management and clinical and business continuity planning
  • Benefits of incorporating business and clinical continuity planning into your organization
  • Anatomy of a Continuity Plan
  • Basic introduction to the tools, strategies and resources required to introduce a business and clinical continuity program to your organization
  • Course Track(s)

    Business Continuity

  • Participants

    Up to 50

  • Length

    2 hours

  • Refresher Requirement


  • Prerequisites