Training Course Catalog

HHazMat for Healthcare™ First Responder/ Receiver Awareness Level


All healthcare workers who may encounter a hazardous materials incident or self-presenting contaminated victims.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize a hazardous material incident
  • Describe the risks and problems that can occur with hazardous material incidents
  • Verbalize clues to recognize if a hazardous material incident has occurred
  • Describe methods for identifying characteristics of a substance
  • Discuss the steps in initially responding to a hazardous materials incident safely and effectively
  • Verbalize who needs to be notified of a hazardous material incident and how to make the notification
  • Describe the procedure for using Directed Self Decon to assist a hazardous material incident victim

Topics Covered

  • Introduction
  • Definition and Classifications of Hazardous Materials
  • What are the hazards and risks?
    • To you
    • To your community
    • To the Emergency Department
    • To the hospital
    • To EMS personnel
  • Classifications and Examples of Internal and External Hazardous Materials
  • Internal Spill Guidance
  • External Events / Terrorism
  • Haz Mat Recognition and Safety
    Information Sources
  • Response to a Hazardous Materials Incident – SIN
  • Directed Self-Decontamination
  • Review
  • Post Assessment and Module Review
  • Course Track(s)

    HazMat for Healthcare™

  • Participants

    Up to 40

  • Length

    4 hours

  • Refresher Requirement


  • Prerequisites