Global Vision Consortium (GVC) was founded in 2003 by emergency management and senior government professionals to assist private organizations, local, state and federal agencies develop quality emergency management programs.
•    GVC works with governmental agencies, their community partners and disaster responders to develop Emergency Management plans, and conduct training and exercises.
•    GVC assists organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their response efforts and ongoing programs.
•    GVC supports and encourages whole community planning.  Whole community planning means planning with and for the entire community including people with disabilities and with access and/or functional needs.  Without community partners emergency management plans may fall short of the needs of the communities the organization serves.
•    All of the consultants working with GVC are experienced professionals in emergency management and related fields.  GVC is brings together the right experts to support each project.
Our philosophy is to collaborate with our clients to understand how they function, the environment in which they work, their partners and the specific needs the people they serve.  GVC develops programs and plans based on real world experience, expertise and national best practices.  We recognize that each environment is unique and requires solutions that will work for the organization in that environment.  Too often, consultants provided idealized plans that cannot become operational because the plan calls for the organization to act in ways contrary to its culture or fails to understand their constituents.

GVC professionals are recognized leaders in emergency and crisis management.  All with a history of innovative, cost effective, implementable solutions tailored to meet the complex challenges confronting our clients.  The two principals have over 50 plus years combined experience at the local, state and federal levels providing leadership in emergency management and Homeland Security.  Many of our senior associates have 20 to 30 years of experience in their field.


Comprehensive Organizational Planning

Global Vision Consortium (GVC) helps organizations build a Comprehensive Emergency Management Programs (CEMP). GVC provides consulting support in addressing the full spectrum of elements comprising a CEMP. GVC provides an integrated approach to the management of emergency programs and activities for all four emergency phases (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery), for all types of emergencies and disasters (natural, man made, and terrorism.
Comprehensive Emergency Management Programs include a number of planning areas. These include:

•    Emergency Operation Planning
•    Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments
•    Threat Assessments
•    Whole Community Planning

o    People with Disabilities, Access and other Functional Needs (link for further information)

•    Unique aspects of the communities they serve
•    Mitigation Planning
•    Terrorism Planning
•    Command and Control
•    EOC/DOC Operations
•    Crisis Management
•    Business Continuity Planning
•    Continuity of Operations (COOP)
•    Education, Training, Exercises and Drills


For further information contact:  inform@globalvisionconsortium.org