Strategic Planning

Global Vision Consortium believes that the planning process is as important as the plan.  Working with leaders within the organization and when possible with leaders from the different communities, the GVC consultants develops plans that not only meet current homeland security standards but plans that can be successfully implemented by the organization.  Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning includes the whole community.  Organization plans usually describe how an organization will function. They also identify how the organization will support the entire community.  This includes the development of strategies, and tactics for response and recovery; business continuity and restoration; media coordination and general information management; as well emergency public information management.  GVC consultants are skilled professionals who have years of experience in helping organization successfully plan.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Program Planning includes

•    Emergency Operation Planning
•    Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments
•    Threat Assessments
•    Mitigation Planning
•    Integrating and Coordinating the Access and Functional Needs of Children and Adults with Disabilities in Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Mitigation.
•    Terrorism Planning
•    Command and Control
•    EOC/DOC Operations
•    Crisis Management
•    Continuity of Government (COG)
•    Business Continuity of Operations (COOP)
•    Education, Training, Exercises and Drills

Global Vision Consortium uses a consensus-based planning model.  GVC encourages team/collation building and facilitates whole community planning and development of community collations.  This proves an opportunity to include community concerns in the development of plans and leads to organizational ownership and community support of the response and recovery plans.  Development of plans includes workshops of internal and external stakeholders. Following the development of the plan conducting training and exercises ensure that the plans are understood and staff is able to respond during an emergency.


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