Clients and Products

Partial List of
Clients and Products

Alaska Hospital and Nursing Home Association,
California Conservation Corp,
California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs,
California Department of Mental Health,
California Department of Social Services,
California Department of Public Health,
Center for Infectious Diseases
Indian Health Service
California Emergency Medical Services Authority,
California Primary Care Association,
California Specialized Training Institute,
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment,
Contra Costa County, CA Department of Public Health,
EMS Division
Collation of Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Ambulatory Care Facilities.
CCC Regional Hospital, Ambulatory Care
Mental Health Division
Missouri Hospital Association
Solano County, CA Department of Public Health

Writing products:

•    Operations Manuals for (California EMS Authority [EMSA]):

o    Field Treatment Sites
o    Ambulance Strike Teams

o    Management Support Teams for deployed medical response teams

•    Program Guide, California Specialized California Medical Assistance Teams [Cal EMA]
•    Pandemic Influenza Operations Plan, Center for Infectious Diseases, (Cal Department of Public Health [CDPH])
•    California Disaster Medical Response Plan [Cal EMSA]
•    California Disaster Medical Operations Manual [Cal EMSA]
•    Emergency Operations Plans and Continuity of Operations Plans for the following departments of California state government:

o    California Department of  Mental Health
o    California Department of Alcohol and Drug  Programs
o    California Emergency Medical Services Authority (Cal EMSA)

•    Continuity of Operations Plans for the following California government agencies:

o    California Health and Human Services Agency
o    California Civilian Conservation Corp

•    Model Clinic Emergency Management/Response Plan, Alaska Hospital and Nursing Home Association
•    Model Clinic Emergency Management/Response Plan, California Primary Care Association
•    Incident Command System (ICS) for community clinics, California Primary Care Association
•    Disaster Health and Medical Training Course material, California Specialized Training Institute.
•    Other planning and preparedness plans and guidance which include [California Primary Care Association, Alaska Hospital and Nursing Home Association, and California Indian Health Program]:

o    Ambulatory care Emergency Operations Plans, models and templates for health centers in California and Alaska
o    Templates for pandemic influenza and continuity of operations planning for health centers


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